Welcome back to Term Four!

I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday and that everyone is well rested for the final term of 2015.

Term four has already started with some very positive news! Our senior students have undertaken and completed extensive practice exams and study programs, in preparation for their final year exams. We look forward to some outstanding results in the weeks and months ahead.

Preparations are also in place for our Graduation Ceremony for our Year 12 students, while teachers Rosie Hindle and Astrid Tielman have just returned from Indonesia as part of the Australia Bridge program and working to further develop our Language Program for 2016.

As you may well have seen, the new fence is completed at the Sandringham Campus on Bluff Road, and I hope you agree it looks tremendous and adds greatly to the updated contemporary look of the College.

Some staff at the Sandringham campus have also started moving into our new Year 7 & 8 wing, and we are thrilled at the prospect of hosting some classes in the new Learning Centre during term four.

Once again, welcome back for the final term of the year and I hope it’s a rewarding and happy one for everyone who’s a part of our Sandringham College community.

Kind Regards,

Allen McAuliffe, Principal