Sports Academy 2020 – Year 7

In 2020 students in Years 7-9 will be able to undertake an elective in “Athlete Development” as part of their education at Sandringham College.

This program will focus on building the physiological (strength and conditioning) and psychological (health and welbbeing) capabilities of all students.

Within the “Athlete Development Program” the students will undertake a physical preparation program. They will focus on acquiring skills and knowledge within the context of a holistic enhanced sporting program. Students will have access to guest speakers, sporting role models and seminars.

Assessment –

  • participation in group and individual training activities
  • completion of homework tasks
  • ALTs (Assessed Learning tasks)
  • tests
  • participation and involvement in the Sports Academy curriculum

All applicants please note

  • Please email a letter of endorsement from a current/previous sports coach explaining why they believe you would be a positive addition to the program. This letter should also include details of strengths, weaknesses, coachability, attitude and sportsmanship.
  • Email to by 12/8/2019