Sandringham College – Years 10, 11 & 12

The Holloway Road Campus of Sandringham College fosters excellence and respect in a young adult environment. Our College believes in honouring the growth and development of the whole person.

The Holloway Road Campus is closely linked with our Bluff Road Campus and having a senior campus allows our students to concentrate on achieving their best during their final years of secondary education. With over 80 VCE and VCE / VET studies on the timetable, plus a vibrant and creative Intermediate and Senior VCAL program, we cater for the interests, pathways and passions of all our students.

Our College achieves excellent VCE results which are often well above the State and Regional average. A very high percentage of students obtain first round offers to tertiary institutions and our College is also well known for students being accepted into high level courses which require exceptional folios, auditions or interviews. The Holloway Road Campus provides a very comprehensive range of studies including English, Literature and English Language, as well as in Mathematics, offering General, Methods CAS and Specialist. Additional special programs are available to support and extend students in key learning areas, such as the MAX program (Maximise Achievement and Excellence), mentoring and tutoring of students by our Alumni and the student lead Imagine, Discover, Become lectures.

Year 11 & 12 students are allocated to programs (faculties) according to their subject choices. These programs are in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), Business/Humanities and  Arts (Visual Arts & Performing) . The Holloway Road  Campus also offers the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) as an alternative to VCE. Students can also choose from a wide range of VET subjects (Vocational Education & Training) offered either on or off campus. Year 10 students are offered the chance to apply to study a unit 1&2 VCE or VET subject. Gifted year 12 students have the opportunity to apply for enhancement studies at University as part of their VCE course.

Our vibrant International Student program brings cultural diversity to the College. Student Leadership is also valued, with students selected to lead each program, as well as in Sport and Music. The College recognises that students must be prepared for a future in a technological work environment with an increasing degree of career mobility. In order to facilitate this development, the senior campus believes it is essential to promote:

  • College Values
  • A rich diversity of educational experiences that contribute to the growth of students academically, socially, emotionally, culturally, physically and environmentally.
  • Encouragement and structure for students to explore different pathways.
  • A secure and friendly learning environment where students are encouraged to maximise their full potential
  • The celebration of achievement

The richness of our programs and the diversity this brings means that at the Senior Campus, students can be themselves and yet be part of a whole school community. This results in students achieving strong academic skills, broad analytical thinking abilities and the confidence to operate in a rapidly changing global environment.

Tours: Senior Campus are conducted every Thursday morning at 9am, starting Term 2. Please call 8599 0500 or visit here to book if you would like to see the Campus in action and learn of the programs the College has to offer. Tours depart from College Office (double storey brick building) – allow an hour. Parking is available in Holloway Road.