Vision & Values

Throughout 2013 staff, students and parents worked collectively to review and regenerate our College identity. It is important that we promote our strengths and continue to fulfil a unique educational niche in our Region. The outcome has led to a new face for Sandringham College including our new Purpose, Vision, Mission, Motto and Values.

Purpose: For Sandringham College to be an outstanding provider of high quality education.

Vision: Sandringham College provides an environment in which diversity, depth and quality of curriculum enables our students to become resourceful independent learners. 

Mission: Sandringham College provides a learning environment designed to excite, support and challenge students to excel as active, responsible learners.

Motto: Pathways to success. 


  • Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Respect

The Sandringham College Logo honours both the local community and the Colleges’ history, when in 1988 it was decided that four local schools would come together to form one significant and centrally located, high quality education provider – Sandringham College.

The main feature of the logo is the rotunda. A Rotunda traditionally symbolises – a central location, a place for the community to celebrate, meet together and share knowledge.

Our Rotunda is a commonly recognised symbol within our local community. The four steps leading into the Rotunda represent the four foundation schools that have come together to form our College. The steps also symbolise the different pathways our students follow on their learning journey to success.

A Shield Symbolises – strength, protection, defence, guardianship, establishment and reliability.

Sandringham College offers a protective and safe environment where students are respected and encouraged to explore and celebrate their individuality and creativity. The incorporation of the wave at the top of the shield reflects the Colleges’ bayside location but also recognises how the College must constantly evolve to best meet the needs of our students.

The College colours of blues and gold also reflect our geographic location, reminiscent of sand and sea.

The Crescent Shapes Symbolise – new beginnings, phases, development and growth, illumination.

The three crescent shapes illustrate the Colleges’ three campuses but also depict the progression of students along their learning journey – a work in progress – until their departure where they are depicted as whole, and complete individuals ready to move on and begin the next stage of their lives.