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Years 7 – 11

Summer and winter academic uniform and sports uniform is available from the Mentone Bob Stewart store. Click here to open the uniform price list.

Open hours and contact details including the address of their Mentone store are available at their website

We suggest phoning in advance for any enquiries regarding availability.

Click here for our Uniform Policy & Requirements of Wear and images of summer, winter and sports uniform. Please note there is a minimum dress and skirt length outlined in the Requirements of Wear policy.

Recycled Uniform Shop (once a month) contact Sue Larkin on 0412 446 233. We are only taking donations of the new school uniform. Over the next year we will start to build a supply to sell to students. At the moment there is limited stock. To sell your used new-style school uniform please use

Uniform and dress code at Senior Campus

1. When to wear uniform

a) Complete and correct Sandringham College uniform must be worn by Year 11 students at all times during the school day. This includes:

  1. Travelling to and from school
  2. In class and in the yard
  3. On excursions, unless otherwise specified
  4. When representing the school at official functions.

b) Summer uniform should be worn during Terms 1 and 4. Winter uniform should be worn during Terms 2 and 3. ‘Cross-over’ times, when either Summer or Winter uniform may be worn, are:

  1. Term 2: first two weeks
  2. Term 4: first two weeks

A mixture of summer and winter items may not be worn.

2. Regulations for wear

  1. Uniform items should be worn as described in this policy.
  2. Uniform items should be clean and tidy, with no obvious holes or tears.
  3. Non-uniform items are not to be worn.

3. Jewellery, make-up and hairstyles

  1. Moderate level of jewellery is permitted to be worn. Extreme jewellery pieces would include spears, spacers and bullrings.
  2. Extreme facial piercings or extreme ear piercings are not permitted.
  3. Light make up is permitted. Heavy make up is not permitted.
  4. Hairstyles should be neat and tidy. Natural hair colours are permitted. No extreme hair colours or hair styles are permitted.
  5. Neutral nail polish may be worn.

4. Out of uniform

  1. Students wearing non-uniform items will be asked to remove said items as practicable. The school discipline policy will be followed, which includes a system of warnings and consequences for students out of uniform.
  2. If a student is unavoidably out of uniform, a note from the parent is required. In this instance, students should see their Form Teacher or Student Manager for a Uniform Pass on arrival at school. Students should make every effort to return to correct uniform as soon as possible. In the meantime, they should wear a replacement item consistent with the College colours and uniform style.
  3. Wherever possible, students out of uniform will be provided with a replacement uniform item that they will be expected to wear during the school day.
  4. Sandringham College reserves the right to contact parents to request immediate rectification of serious or continuous breaches of the College Uniform Policy.

Year 12 and the Dress Code on the Senior Campus

Sandringham College Senior Campus is a young adult learning environment. Year 12 students may dress casually within the College Dress Code. The aim is to allow students to make valuable choices with regard to their attire, as they will do once at university and in the workplace. We have high expectations as to what is suitable to wear at Sandringham College and attire should reflect the Values of our College, be modest, respectful and include a mature awareness of what is appropriate for the occasion.

Appropriate dress: jeans, shorts and skirts to mid-thigh, t shirt, sandals or shoes.

Inappropriate dress: Mid- riff tops, ripped jeans, short shorts, tank tops, t-shirt with offensive slogans or graphics, thongs, ugg boots.


The following process is in place for students who are out of uniform or fail to comply with Dress Code.

  1. Student obtains Uniform Pass from Student Management
  2. SM posts note on Compass alerting parent and teacher
  3. If issue is ongoing, student will be given school uniform garment and/or given a detention as is appropriate. Parents will be contacted in situations where there is an ongoing issue.
  4. Failure to comply with the Dress Code will be dealt with in the same way as any other behavioral issue under our Respectful Classrooms practice.