Years 7 – 11

Summer and winter academic uniform and sports uniform is available from the Mentone Bob Stewart store. Click here to access the uniform price list.

Open hours and contact details including the address of their Mentone store are available at their website http://www.bobstewart.com.au

We suggest phoning in advance for any enquiries regarding availability.

Recycled Uniform Shop (weekly) – Thursdays 8.15am – 9.15am at the Bluff Road Campus. The second-hand shop is managed by the PTF and the contact is Karen Tye (0478 435 417).

Year 12 and the Dress Code on the Senior Campus

Sandringham College Senior Campus is a young adult learning environment. Year 12 students may dress casually within the College Dress Code. The aim is to allow students to make valuable choices with regard to their attire, as they will do once at university and in the workplace. We have high expectations as to what is suitable to wear at Sandringham College and attire should reflect the Values of our College, be modest, respectful and include a mature awareness of what is appropriate for the occasion.

Appropriate dress: jeans, shorts and skirts to mid-thigh, t shirt, sandals or shoes.

Inappropriate dress: Mid- riff tops, ripped jeans, short shorts, tank tops, t-shirt with offensive slogans or graphics, thongs, ugg boots.


The following process is in place for students who are out of uniform or fail to comply with Dress Code.

  1. Student obtains Uniform Pass from Student Management
  2. SM posts note on Compass alerting parent and teacher
  3. If issue is ongoing, student will be given school uniform garment and/or given a detention as is appropriate. Parents will be contacted in situations where there is an ongoing issue.
  4. Failure to comply with the Dress Code will be dealt with in the same way as any other behavioral issue under our Respectful Classrooms practice.