Student Leadership

7-10 Campus Leaders

Student Voice

At Sandringham College we believe that all students are leaders, and offer our young people an exciting range of co-curricular activities and training to develop leadership qualities, character and personal growth.

Our Student Voice and Leadership team works with students across the College to operate programs such as Peer Helpers, Learning Area and House Leaders, and the Student Voice and Student Representative Council groups. There are Campus Captains at each site, and leadership opportunities at every year level. The teaching of Leadership Competencies is explicitly integrated into the Year 9 program. Selected College students also participate each year in the School of Student Leadership’s intensive term-length course at a remote Alpine Campus. Other activities to build leadership and foster personal development include a Year 7-12 debating and public speaking program, annual participation in the Great Victorian Bike Ride, the Advance Lifesaving program and World Challenge.

Student Leadership and Student Voice are prioritised at the Senior Campus. Students work together on projects that allow them to actively participate in events requiring decision making that affect both school life and the greater community. Program, Sport and Music leaders are given opportunities to manage projects that allow them to develop skills that are transferable to life beyond the school setting.

Year 11 and 12 students are given the opportunity to join the Student Representative Council. Students are supported by the College Leadership Team by being offered training, guidance and feedback, which in turn builds confidence and resilience. Opportunities are provided to organise motivational lectures, lead key events and participate in the Principal’s Advisory Committee, to relay student ideas, views and concerns.