Homework Guidelines

Homework refers to the work done by students outside regular class time. This includes timetabled study periods as well as work done at home. Homework is an important component of the teaching and learning process as it provides the opportunity for the development of skills as well as for extension of class work and enrichment.

Reasons for setting homework:

  • Students may need to complete work which has been started in class. Class time may not be sufficient to meet the needs of all students all of the time.
  • Students may need to improve on their skills with extra practice.
  • It is essential for students to develop regular study habits if they are to continue study at VCE level. It is also important for young people to develop self discipline and set tasks with deadlines can help with the development of time and stress management skills.
  • Home study enables parents to be involved in their child’s work. They can provide invaluable support for their child’s learning.

Policy Guidelines:

  • Each student will have a regular program of home study with a recommended time allocation:
    • Year 7: 1 hour per week night
    • Year 8: 1-1½ hours per week night
    • Year 9: 1 ½ – 2 hours per week night
    • Year 10: 2 hours per week night
  • Home studies will incorporate study activities as well as assigned work tasks. Students always have revision or study to do and are able to initiate their own self-directed learning at any time.
  • The Student Organizer will be a means of communication between the College and parents at all times and with particular reference to homework.
  • Parents are asked to monitor home study activities, establish where possible, suitable study conditions for students and to encourage students to study after the competition of set work.