Code of Conduct

Code of Student Behavior

Every member of the Sandringham College community has rights and responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities ensure that all students have the chance to learn and achieve their very best. The rules of the College are based on these rights and responsibilities. Breaking these rules will lead to a range of consequences.

All Sandringham College students are required to:

  1. Show a positive attitude to their learning by:
    • Being punctual to classes
    • Attending all classes
    • Bringing all necessary equipment to class
    • Completing all set class-work and homework to the best of their ability
    • Respecting the right of all students to learn and for their teachers to teach.
  2. Show care for other people and their property by:
    • Respecting others and not engaging in any form of verbal, physical or cyber harassment, or discriminating against any member of the College because of their gender, disability, race, culture or religion, or sexual orientation.
    • Not stealing, or borrowing the property of others without permission.
  3. Support a productive working environment by:
    • Following the instructions of teachers and principals
    • Following campus and classroom rules and safety instructions
    • Moving around the school in a safe and orderly way
    • Following the College Cyber Safety Policy.
  4. Show respect for the College, its environment and its property by:
    • Not littering, graffiting or vandalizing
    • Helping to keep classrooms and College grounds neat and tidy
    • Following instructions about the use and care of equipment
    • Dressing according to the College uniform and dress code
    • Behaving in ways that help promote a positive image of the College and its students in the community.
  5. Help maintain a safe and healthy environment by:
    • Not possessing or using cigarettes, alcohol or illegal drugs at the College, on camps and excursions or whilst travelling to or from the College
    • Not engaging in any activity the may be a danger to themselves and/or others
    • Not riding bicycles, skateboards, etc within the College grounds
    • Walking and not running in corridors or near buildings