Student Careers Unit

What has the Careers Unit got to offer you?

The Careers Room at the Senior Campus is located within the Student Managers wing. The Careers and VET Coordinators are both located here. It is open at lunch time but closed at recess. Students can just pop in, or if they wish to discuss something in particular, they can make an appointment on the sheet outside the Careers room.

For the Year 12’s particularly, an early visit is advisable. Year 12’s will need to make choices at the end of the year and the sooner they start checking out the range of options available the more prepared they  will be.

Part of the success of our Year 12 cohort making a positive post school transition to university, TAFE or the work force is because they made use of the services and support offered by the Careers Unit.

Year 11’s- It is never too early to start your exploration!

Student Tax File Number (TFN)

The Secondary Schools Tax File Number (TFN) Program ceased to exist in December 2014. This means that School TFN forms are no longer applied for and processed through any school.
If your child is aged 16 or over they need to apply for a TFN. In the financial year following turning 16 the ATO starts to charge interest on any personal bank account, they will waive this on students if they have a TFN. Even if students are not working they need the TFN to avoid paying interest. Click here for more information on how to apply for an TFN.

The room is stocked with valuable information on courses and careers such as:

  • University and TAFE courses
  • Job Guides
  • Specific course and career material
  • Resume information
  • Interview Skills resources
  • Information on Overseas Exchange & GAP programs
  • Apprenticeship, traineeship and cadetship material
  • Private training providers
  • VTAC and VCAA
  • Work Experience and work placement forms
  • Interstate Universities
  • Part-time Jobs
  • Scholarship Information
  • Career Information sessions
  • Open Days
  • Subject Selections
  • University Enhancement Studies
  • Careers News published in Campus newsletters
  • Any VET queries
  • And much more.