‘Wellbeing in VCE Years’ by Makayla Bulte

The importance of coping under stress is the one thing which becomes a necessity in VCE: having the ability to work to deadlines becomes second nature and performing in exam conditions, habit. The pressure in VCE, while it may seem talked up, is real, and it is critical to front up to the stack of homework.

The particularly stressful area of VCE is the idea of fitting everything in a 24 hour day. You are expected to have a decent sleep, attend school, have a social life, play sport, be part of the family and study – all in a day’s work. So much and so little time. Time management: if you don’t know it already you soon will!

In order to excel in VCE, the number one tip is sacrifice. In the scheme of things it is 18 months which require your hard work and your full attention. I am not saying stop everything outside of school, because you need breaks. All I am saying is that when it comes to the crunch, know where you stand and what is important to you. Moderation is the key: moderate your life outside of school but don’t just cut it off. You need to find that happy medium, and that is what Year 11 is all about – finding that happy place, the place where everything is balanced, you’re still happy and have things to look forward to outside of school.

This idea of time management is one most VCE students struggle with. If I could give parents one tip, it is to be there for us. Be on our backs, if it means taking our phones off us do it, we might hate you at the time but when it comes to December 15 and results are realised we will be thankful. And students, as silly as it may sound, in Year 11 find that balance, discover a routine that works. But most importantly surround yourself with people who push you to do your best, and are supportive. The number one error of students is comparison, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, run this race for your own good.

Ensure you finish Year 12 knowing you tried everything and didn’t leave any doors shut. Don’t just make it another year, make it the year. Take care of yourself, both mentally and physically. Create the path to your dream goal.

Aim for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.

In summary I encourage all to get involved in Sandringham College ‘Wellbeing Week’ 2015, a week aimed to release the pressures felt by senior students. The first ‘Wellbeing Week’ was run last year and was a massive success. It is with great pleasure that I advise you of this year’s wellbeing week, which is running from 7th – 11th September in conjunction of R U OK day.  The week contains a range of activities from girls’ self-defence classes to yoga, an ice cream van, BBQs and live music. It’s all there to help you find your ‘happy place’!

By Makayla Bulte, Year 12 at Sandringham College