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Do students need concession cards for public transport? 

17 years and under
If you are a student aged 17 and under (and don’t travel with a Student Pass ie you are using a child myki) you can travel on concession fares. You do not need a concession card.
If you wish to use the student pass, then you must also have a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card.
18 years and over
If you are a student aged 18 and over, you must carry a valid Victorian Public Transport (VPT) Concession Card to travel on concession fares. If you are caught without this pass you face the same fines as fare evaders ie on-the-spot fines .
Travelling with a student pass
If you are a primary or secondary student travelling with a Victorian Student Pass or Regional Transit Student Pass, you must also have a Victorian Public Transport (VPT) Student Concession Card with your pass number endorsed on your concession card. The pass and concession card must be carried at all times when travelling.
VPT Student Concession Card application forms are available at the following link. Fill out the form including attaching your photograph and bring to school office for validating (signing/stamping). NB These passes are generally only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents.

For more information follow link to Public Transport Victoria (PTV)