Kim Joanna GUIJO CZYSCH, Year 12


‘Diving into the World of Languages’

 My exchange year at Sandringham Secondary College was not only an exciting time for me to connect with Australian students, but it also was the perfect combination of a development of my creativity and of my English speaking and writing skills.

In contrast to my school in Germany, Sandringham College focused a lot on my individual interests and aspirations, helping me to choose adequate subjects for year 11 and year 12. I was able to explore Psychology, a subject that is not being offered at my German school. Furthermore, I expanded my knowledge in History, Philosophy and French, subjects that are taught very differently, as I discovered.

I very much enjoyed Music, as I learned effective ways of understanding theory and putting it into practice in my little Duo Band. Apart from Music classes at school, I was offered Piano and Singing lessons with a very skilled teacher.

I was impressed by the various extracurricular activities Sandy offers to its students. Apart from those subjects, I studied General English, which was the most challenging subject to me. It enriched my vocabulary and writing style, which will be of use for my upcoming school years in Germany. I am very thankful for my English, but also History and Philosophy teachers, who pushed me forward and supported me. Thanks to them I was able to see huge progress in my English, which was the main factor of my exchange.

This positive experience at Sandringham College encouraged me to dive into the world of languages. I cannot exactly say where I see myself in the future, but what I can say is that Sandringham College had a significant role in shaping my future decisions: I will pursue my passion for music and combine it with my love for languages and travelling.

Let’s see where it will take me! I am sure, that at one point it will take me back to Melbourne, to my friends, my second family and Sandringham College.


Zhen (Remi) DONG, Year 12


‘The best things I learned from Sandy are our school values of respect and independence.’

Hi my name is Remi, from China and I have been in Australia and studying at Sandringham College for 3 years. I am year 12 now and will complete my VCE study at the end of this year. The 3 years’ study at Sandy has given me many different and excellent experiences: it has changed my behavior and ideology and etc. I am growing and Sandy is changing. (I hope the new buildings are finished before I leave….it’s going to be amazing).

When I came here, everything was new for me. I was studying in our Language Centre which was really beneficial to help new international students to adapt to study and the lifestyle in Australia. I still remember that we visited the city almost each Wednesday, we went to the gallery, museum and the Eureka Tower. It is a wonderful memory.

Study at Sandy is relaxing, teachers are friendly and enjoy helping you.  Students are nice and funny while you chat or hang out with them. There is a wide range of subjects to choose from here. I did Food Technology in year 10 and I have continued it as one of my VCE subjects.

The best things I learned from Sandy are our school values of respect and independence. For international students, who are far away from home and study in Australia their own, to be independent is very important. And to respect people, respect others’ beliefs, religions, and even really small things.

After I finish my VCE study, I think I might go to a university in Melbourne to get a degree. If I could have an opportunity I would like to do a pastry course at Le Cordon Blue because I do love cooking.

As a Student Leader I have had many opportunities to mentor younger students. I have many opportunities to be a part of committees and functions, my confidence and ability to speak to large groups of people has greatly improved. I  have learnt and matured a lot in this role.


Mimu Shinozaki, Year 11


‘priority to music and arts’

This is my second time that I came to Australia.  The first time was about 10 years ago with my mother and younger sister.  I remember that I had a great experience that time and also I like to study English and wanted to improve my English more so I decided to come to Australia again.

I chose Sandringham Secondary College because they had a variety of subjects and long history of accepting international students.  I thought it is an attractive point of this school.  I’m studying English, Biology, Food Studies, Visual Communication, General Mathematics and Mathematical Methods.  All these subjects are my favourites and I enjoy them.  The teachers are realty kind and when I ask some questions, they answer politely untiI I understand.

Sandringham College give priority to music, arts and acting so there are always performances going on at school.  It is very nice to watch.  The school has a lot of local and international students and subjects.  This is a chance to make a lot of friends from another country.  Studying abroad is a really good experience for me and I am happy that I was able to study at Sandringham College.

I’m going back to Japan in December this year.  In the future, I want to make use of my English so I’m thinking to make use of my English so I’m going to become a Kindergarten teacher at an International School.

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