Homestay Families

We are seeking Homestay families to join the International Student Program

Do you have a spare room and can offer an International student the invaluable experience of living in an Australian home whilst studying in Australia?

Homestay is full board accommodation offered by a family, couple or single person. Homestay parents play an important role in providing support, stability and a nurturing home environment during an international student’s stay in Australia. Host families are encouraged to assist the student’s cultural adjustment and support their community and social integration.

We are seeking families for short and long term accommodation for International students from various countries including Germany, Japan, China, Vietnam, Brazil, France & Italy.

A weekly amount is provided to cover the cost of food and lodging for each student.

Please contact Doanvy at the Senior Campus 8599 0521 to enquire or alternatively please complete the following expression of interest form and we will contact you shortly.

Homestay Family Enquiry

CRICOS Provider and Code – Department of Education and Training 00861K