Grade 6 to Year 7 enrolment

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Sandringham College zone – We accept enrolments from students from outside our designated zone as we are not currently at our enrolment capacity.

Sandringham College operates a comprehensive Transition program to help our new Year 7s adjust quickly to the move to secondary school. Transition to Sandringham actually begins, for many students as early as Year 4, through involvement in our SEED (Sandringham Extension Experience Days) program and other special events.

Our local Year 5s and 6s are regular visitors to our College, sharing in a variety of our programs. Our Transition team, Year 7 teachers and students visit our feeder primary schools throughout the year in order to build relationships and understanding between both students and staff.  Parents are also consulted about their child’s strengths and needs in preparing for joining the college. Our aim is to create strong teams to support Year 6s and Year 7s throughout the transition process.

Our transition strategies encompass the students’ social, emotional and academic development.

Primary schools are responsible for ensuring each Year 6 student has a place in a secondary school for Year 7. The transition process through the primary schools begins in May the preceding year. The Department of Education and Training’s South East Regional Office helps schools with the transition process. If you have questions about the process, please contact the Youth Pathways and Transitions Unit Youth Programs Officer on 8765 5600 or email

Grade 6 into Year 7 – Transition Timeline

Enrolments for new Year 7s follow a timeline and process set by the DEECD, which applies to all public secondary schools.

1. Primary schools will distribute Secondary School Preference forms to all Grade 6s in April/May. This form is returned to your child’s Primary School, who then communicate preferences to us. Please list Sandringham College as your 1st preference if you would like to be considered for enrolment. (Note – Students from non-government primary schools can apply directly for Year 7 enrolment – click here to apply).

2. Students interested in applying for the SEAL Program are required to register online click here to register. SEAL exam Saturday 11th May 2019. Applications close 3rd May 2019.

3. College Open Night, Thursday 28th March 2019, 7pm, Discovery Centre.

4. We will contact the Primary  Schools to confirm your child’s  place with us (usually occurs in August). A few weeks after this date, we are then permitted to contact you directly with enrolment information.

5. From September to December, transition begins. Records and student data are transferred to us, and our Transition team begins the task of gathering relevant feedback from the Primary Schools. You will receive  an enrolment package and an invitation to our Parent Information Evening.

6. Year 7 New Parent Information Evening. You need to be enrolled into Sandringham College 2020 Year 7 to be invited to this evening.

7. Statewide Orientation Day – Tuesday 10th December 2019. All public school Year 6 students attend this full day’s orientation where they will meet all the  2020 Sandringham College Year 7s, and their teachers. It is a non-uniform fun-filled day with plenty of activities focused on getting students to know their form teacher, others in their form and the college environment.

Click on the links to explore the support available to students during and beyond the transition process.

Year 7 Camp

Held early in Term 1 at Forest Edge in Neerim East, the Year 7 Camp is an important turning point for many students. The camp comprises adventure and team building activities, supporting our students to build positive relationships with staff and each other.

Leadership Opportunities

Many of our students come to Sandringham with prior leadership experience. We value and nurture these skills, and help others to develop them, through opportunities in the Student Representative Council, as class captains, and as student leaders in our Primary Schools programs.

Form Rooms with Lockers

The form room is an important space for Year 7s. With their lockers inside, and many core classes held in the form room, the students have a sense of security, consistency and ownership over the space. This helps to ease the shift from a single-space primary school setting, and fosters close bonds within the form group.

Student Management Team

Our students at Years 7-9 are supported by a multi-layered Student Management team, comprising Form Teachers, Student Managers, Sub-school Leaders and the Wellbeing staff.  This ensures that no student goes unnoticed.

Peer Helpers

A select group of students are specially trained as ‘peer helpers’. These students keep a special lookout for our new Year 7s at recess and lunchtime, and run extra games and activities during the first few weeks of term to help students to make friends.

Peer Support

Year 9 students, as the leaders of the campus, play a special role in supporting our Year 7s. Our Peer Support program aims at building close relationships early in the year between Year 9 students and small groups of Year 7s.

Lunchtime Activities

There are a variety of Lunchtime activities on offer, so everyone can find something to do!  Students can read and relax in small groups in the Library, or join an ever-expanding range of clubs.  Some of these are Chess Club, Ukelele Group, Art Club, Knitting Club, Debating Teams and Computer Club.  Some students even formed a Forensic Science club! Sports equipment is also available for student use. With tennis, basketball and netball courts, expansive ovals and separate soccer pitches, there is never a shortage of space to play.  In the first weeks of Year 7, special activities run to help the students get to know each other.

Knowing and Valuing each Student

Sandringham’s two campuses mean that each student is known and valued individually. A real sense of community exists both across the College and at each site. Staff personalise learning and social development plans to ensure that individual needs are met and that everyone’s diverse strengths are valued.  Our College values of Excellence, Creativity, Community, Integrity and Respect embedded into daily life.

Student Wellbeing Programs

Sandringham students enjoy a safe, structured environment. We consciously work to build student resilience and confidence, as well as an attitude of understanding and empathy towards human differences.

Sandringham has a ‘no-tolerance’ approach towards bullying and anti-social behaviours. We combine positive reinforcement and restorative practices with clear and consistent guidelines and consequences around behaviour. Our “Respectful Classrooms” policy extends well beyond the classroom walls: we promote positive and respectful relationships at all times.

We enact preventative programs on topics such as cybersafety, dealing with conflict, and health and wellbeing. Such issues are not dealt with just as a ‘one-off’, but are embedded into the curriculum.  Some of the focuses at Year 7 are around online safety, changing relationships and adolescence.

Our Wellbeing officers and local and regional support staff work with individual students to address particular needs.

Pastoral Care

Year 7s have a timetabled Pastoral Care session to assist them with settling in to secondary school life. Working with the Year 7 teacher team and with older students, this is a time for the Year 7s to develop their organisational skills, study habits, self-confidence and social bonds.

The Pastoral Care Teacher is the Year 7 student’s first point of contact. Our Year 7 Pastoral Care Teachers are specially selected for their ability to combine warmth and support with a structured approach.

Year 7s work in their form groups for core subjects, but in mixed groups for Arts/Technology subjects. This means that they have the stability and familiarity of a core group, but have plenty of opportunities to broaden their social bonds across the year level.

Homework Club

Developing a regular homework regime is a key focus of Year 7. Homework Club is a great strategy for managing the study load. It operates 1-2 times per week, after school in the Library. Teachers are on hand to assist students with their work. The full range of the Library’s resources are accessible, and students enjoy having a mid-afternoon snack and completing their homework in a convivial yet focused environment.

Individual Performance Monitoring

A priority for Year 7 teachers is to establish students’ initial academic levels, so that programs can be tailored to suit their learning needs. Regular use of data and a variety of assessment strategies ensure that Sandringham’s students’ growth is monitored from the start. Parents and students receive regular feedback on progress, and our Teaching and Learning and Student Management teams monitor each cohort. Personalised learning plans are used to support and extend students as necessary.

Reading Support

Sandringham’s Reading program means that all students are actively encouraged to develop a love of literature. Our students read fiction each day as part of their regular program. Students who struggle with reading can access the extra support of our ‘Reading Parents’, who work one-to-one with students to support their literacy.  Explicit literacy skills are embedded into the curriculum: at Sandringham, all teachers are teachers of literacy.

Enhancement & Acceleration

Advanced students benefit from working in a group of like-minded peers in our SEAL (Select Entry Accelerated Learning) program. The two streams in SEAL (Maths/Science and English/Humanities) mean that students with particular strengths in one area receive the challenge they need to excel. Strong all-rounders participate in both streams. The advantage of SEAL is that students receive the challenge they need, but still mix with a broad range of their peers in other subjects.