Student Debating & Public Speaking

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Un-Youth Evatt Competition Semi –Final 27th -28th August

UnYouth Evatt Victoria is a debating and diplomacy competition. Evatt places young Australians in the shoes of UN Security Council representatives, making them debate on issues of international security, human rights and current affairs.

All teams performed extremely well and Loughlan and Luis advanced to the Semi-Final round, which was held on 27th and 28th August at Melbourne University. It was the first time Sandringham College had sent teams to participate in this competition and we congratulate these students on their achievement.

“Recently, Luis and I had the pleasure of competing in the Evatt Model UN competition. Having advanced through the original competition, we found ourselves in the semi-finals, pitted against formidable competition. The debate was fierce, and Luis and I were forced to draw upon all of the knowledge we’ve accrued from our classes in Global Politics to take part. As Malaysia, we found ourselves in a unique position. Too small to have the dreaded veto, and too large to be insignificant, we found ourselves as a middle power, and able to engage in coy diplomacy. Debating in the chamber itself consisted of shooting down amendments, arguing for or against resolutions, and making endless points of order, in which a question-passive-aggressive or not-could be fired at the prior speaker. The discussion room saw us engage in the kind of slimy back-door diplomacy that makes most voters cringe. Both were immensely enjoyable, and we are incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to compete.”    
Loughie Foley Year 12

Building School Pride through Enhancing Student Voice Conference – 31st Augustleadership-building-school-pride-through-student-voice

On Wednesday the 31st of August, Scott England, Nicolas Mouselimis, Mr Zetzer, Ms Howard and I attended a Student Voice and Leadership conference at Mount Waverley Secondary College. The day focused on building school pride through enhancing Student Voice.

Students from schools all over Melbourne attended and it was a very insightful day, which helped us to reflect on our student leadership structure here at Sandringham. We had multiple workshops run by Vic SRC and the students of Mt Waverley Secondary.  There were talks and presentations and the chance to ask questions throughout the day. This furthered our understanding of both the importance of student voice and the ways we might improve our own leadership structure at Sandringham.
Thea Barry – Environmental Leader Year 9

Sandringham Campus Assembly – 9th Septemberthumb_img_6881_1024

In the last assembly for the term, it was great to see so many students actively involved and presenting to the campus. Year 10 Campus Captains, Ben Norton and Zara Bennett confidently hosted the assembly, which focused on respect, positive participation and student achievement. Student Leader and keen SRC member, Eugene Lombardo spoke to the campus about recent and upcoming SRC activities and Maria England was recognized for her leadership and commitment to many recent projects. Both Scott England and Thea Barry also reported back to students about the Student Voice conference that they had attended recently.
Rotary Sponsored RYPEN Camp  – 9th -11th September

RYPEN is a three-day seminar focusing on building and working in teams, life skills, effective communication, and leadership.  Four Sandringham College students were selected to attend the Rotary Club RYPEN Camp held over the weekend of 9-11th September.

Sandringham College. William Miller, Ethan Curtain, Katiaana Teisini and Nevada Thatcher were sponsored but unfortunately Nevada was unable to attend.

Sandringham College would like to thank Ian Littlehales, from The Rotary Club of Sandringham, and Camp Leader Diane Fisher for organising this opportunity for our students.

UN Youth Evatt Competition 25th July – 6th September 2016Elle and Thiamando Un Youth Evatt Comp

Evatt Victoria is the state round of Australia’s premier debating and diplomacy competition. Evatt places young Australians in the shoes of UN Security Council representatives, making them debate on issues of international security, human rights and current affairs.

Students in Years 9-12 compete in teams of two from their own school. The competition takes the form of a simulated UN Security Council, where teams debate, amend and vote on a resolution prepared by our facilitators from the perspective of one of the Security Council’s member states.

For the first time, Sandringham College registered three teams to take part in the competition. Loughlin Foley (Yr12) and Luis Calleja (Yr 11) and Thiamando Pavlidis (Yr 12) and Eleanor Duggan-Crouch (Yr 11) took part in the rounds that took place on 30th July and Calvin French (Yr 12) and Felix Hampton (Yr 11) will participate in the competition on 6th August.

 “On Sunday 31st July, Eleanor Duggan Crouch and I partook in the Un Youth Evatt Competition, held at the Melbourne University Law School. Though it was quite early for a weekend morning (we had to be there by 8:30), we had a great time. Representing Spain, we, along with the thirteen (Great Britain was absent) other member states of the United Nations Security Council debated on three resolutions: global food security, children in armed conflict and a secret one on nuclear power and weaponry.

Unfortunately none of these resolutions passed due to the veto powers and lack of regard for human rights of the five permanent member states (that is, China, Russia, USA, UK and France) in favour of their own national interest, much like in the real UN. Over all, it was an excellent experience in both public speaking and understanding of world events. Highlights included Russia throwing paper at Ukraine as soon as they entered the room and having to stand up and tell the rest of the Security Council Spain was against nuclear energy control “because we have a lot of uranium mines and no money”. Thiamando Pavlidis Year 12

Debaters Association of Victoria, Senior Debating Competition – Brighton Region

Congratulations to the Year 12 A Grade debating team on their recent win and current position held in the Debater’s Association of Victoria Brighton Region Competition.

Sandringham College students: Michaela Copland, Loughlin Foley and Andrew Gurrin made up the team for the Round 3 debate with Andrew being awarded ‘Best Speaker” on the night. The team is also includes Thiamando Pavlidis and Calvin French. Thanks to Sophie Warren for organising and supporting them.

A Grade

Team R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total
Leibler Yavneh College 1 4 4 4 12
Sandringham College 1 4 4 4 12
Brighton Grammar School 3 4 4 4 12
Brighton Grammar School 2 4 4 4 12
Brighton Grammar School 6 4 4 2 10
Albert Park College 1 2 4 4 10
Huntingtower 1 4 2 4 10
Brighton Grammar School 5 4 4 2 10
St Leonard’s College 1 4 2 4 10
Brighton Grammar School 4 4 4 2 10
Albert Park College 3 2 4 2 8
Star of the Sea College 1 2 2 4 8
Brighton Secondary College 1 4 2 2 8
Firbank Grammar School 1 2 2 4 8
Firbank Grammar School 2 2 2 2 6
Brighton Grammar School 1 2 2 2 6
Albert Park College 2 2 2 0 4
St Bede’s College 1 2 2 0 4

VCAA Plain Speaking Award Competition Regional Final 2016

In June 2016 Sandringham College sent two students to compete in the VCAA Plain Speaking Award Competition Regional Final 2016: Year 12 students Thiamando PAVLIDIS and Calvin French.Calvin French

The winner was senior Student Leader Debating and Public Speaking Calvin French, from Sandringham College. Calvin now competes in the Semi Finals in June. He was competing against 10 other students. Runner–up: St Leonard’s College.

Calvin is competing on Tuesday 22nd June at the Department of Education and Training –East Melbourne.


Rotary Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) 30th April -1st May 2016

‘Be a gift to the World’

This year we had two Year 11 teams competing in MUNA, which was held at Parliament House. Luis Caleja, Eleanor Duggan-Crouch, Renee Lee and Felix Hampton took part in the two day event.MUNA 2016

Representing Turkey and South Africa, our teams quickly established themselves amongst the other delegates. The students voted the Sandringham Secondary College team representing Turkey as the best contributor to colourful debate as well as to the comedy and hilarity of the weekend.  Calvin French was a competitor in 2015 and volunteered his time to assist Rotary as a runner for the two days.  Our thanks must go to Sandringham Rotary for sponsoring Felix and Renee and Healesville Rotary for sponsoring Luis and Eleanor!

Jenni Howard, Student Leadership/Student Voice