SEAL (Select Entry Accelerated Learning)

Year 7 SEAL students in new Auditorium

Year 7 SEAL students in new Auditorium

SEAL – Select Entry Accelerated Learning

What is SEAL? The SEAL Program addresses the needs of those students who are of High Intellectual Potential and display a range of exceptional abilities across their studies.

The Sandringham College SEAL program:

  • Covers traditional subjects in a shorter time and encourages abstract and critical thinking
  • Is designed to enhance academic, creative and leadership potential
  • Enables students to interact with their intellectual peers, without compromising social relationships and development
  • Recognises and responds to the specific differences, interests and needs of High Intellectual Potential students
  • Caters for students’ social and emotional development by providing support and extension in to the VCE
  • Staffs the program with specifically selected teachers, chosen for their passion, superior teaching ability, their skill with challenging and engaging gifted students
  • Caters for individual strengths through our distinct Maths/Science and English/Humanities streams
Year 7 SEAL Philosophy Class

Year 7 SEAL Philosophy Class

SEAL Applications for  2019 Year 7 intake now open. 

Applications close Wednesday 28th March 2018 and the SEAL exam will be held at the 7-9 Campus on Tuesday 24th April 2018 (8.45am-12.30pm).

To access a SEAL Application Form a please follow the link below.

SEAL Application Form 2019