Monash Scholars Program

This year 3 of our Year 10 students applied to be part of the Monash Scholars Program. Bemenet Melaku, Kit Kirby and Scott England. It is fantastic news that all three were accepted to the program and began their induction on the weekend.kit scott etc

The program spans years 10 to 12. The time commitment will be around 20 hours each year, and most activities will take place outside of school hours and during school holidays.

Activities include events and workshops that offer the students strategies to shine at school, prepare for university and navigate their future. All three will receive personalised advice and counselling through the course preference period.

If they go onto enrol in a degree course at Monash, they will continue to benefit through the first years of their scholars

They are also eligible for the Monash Minds leadership program and other mentoring and leadership roles.

All three are to be congratulated on their commitment to their education and looking for opportunities to further their education.

Well done!

Nigel Kain, Year 9 & 10 Subschool Leader