Recognising the importance of Humanities in a rapidly changing world, Sandringham College strives to provide a comprehensive range of Humanities studies.

Sandringham students currently have access to many Humanities studies, which are frequently unavailable in other schools. For example, Sociology, Geography, History, International Studies, Philosophy, and Australian and Global Politics.

In recent years nine students in a range of studies have received Premier’s Awards.

These and other Humanities studies are of great benefit to students, both as a means of raising their awareness of themselves and the social and political world around them, and as vital precursors to tertiary studies and employment.

The knowledge, skills and values gained from the study of the Humanities forms the basis of a surprisingly large number of career pathways. This is even more so as Australia is an integral part of the global economy; young people who are bi-lingual, or who have a knowledge of history, society, international issues and other cultures, are likely to receive many opportunities for satisfying employment, not only in Australia, but also in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

Students from throughout the district and beyond enrol in Sandringham College’s extensive Outdoor and Environmental Studies Program. The studies offer unique opportunities for physical activities and are supported by a solid grounding in theoretical knowledge to ensure safety and competence. The campus’ location near the foreshore is a great advantage in this regard, but in the course of the year students will embark on several camps and trips to a range of settings, throughout Victoria. The varied activities include camping, skiing, rock-climbing, hiking, rafting, wind surfing and sailing.

The campus also provides excellent programs in Physical Education and Health and Human Development. All of these studies cater superbly for students who are interested in aspects of lifestyle such as physical activity and well-being, sport and recreation and the environment of the outdoors. Campus facilities include a multi purpose hall with a high quality sprung hardwood floor that caters for a variety of sports. Activities are also conducted at the many local recreational venues and in the weight training facility.

This particular group of studies opens up many career pathways in the rapidly expanding area of ‘human services’, which includes community health, recreation, tourism, hospitality and the environment. In the Humanities field there are VET in the VCE programs that may be undertaken, such as VCE/VET Sport and Recreation.