LOTE French 1 & 2

Competency in a Language Other Than English (LOTE) is recognised as invaluable as Australia takes its place in the global workplace. LOTE Units 1 and 2 seek to continue the development of communication skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) acquired in Year 7-10, and to further enhance cultural awareness through contact with the LOTE speaking communities here in Australia and overseas.

Studies of different aspects of the language in use are undertaken in connection with topics selected from the prescribed themes and focus on the experience of different roles and activities in different settings.

LOTE French 3 & 4

LOTE Units 3 and 4 seek to develop the student’s communication skills to a sophisticated level, enabling them to take an active part in the activities of the LOTE speaking communities here in Australia and overseas.

Topics studied are selected from the prescribed themes and allow students to consolidate and expand their ability to use the LOTE for business, pleasure and establishing and maintaining relationships.

Wilma Skattang-Stone
2015 Premiers Award Winner

Premiers Award LOTE

Congratulations to Wilma Skattang-Stone who received a Premiers Award for her 2015 VCE result in LOTE. Wilma attended a ceremony at Crown Palladium, where the top students from across the State in 2015 in each subject were presented to the Governor, Linda Dessau and the Deputy Premier & Minister for Education Mr James Merlino to receive their award. .  This is a particularly fantastic achievement as Wilma was in year 11 whilst completing this year 12 subject in 2015. Well done Wilma.