There is now a group of English studies consisting of Foundation English; English/ESL; English Language and Literature.

The three units from the group of English studies that are required for satisfactory completion of the VCE may be selected from:

  • Foundation English Units 1 and 2
  • English/ESL Units 1 to 4
  • English Language Units 1 to 4
  • Literature Units 1 to 4

No more than two units of English/ESL Units 1 and 2 and Foundation English Units 1 and 2 may be counted towards the English requirement. VTAC has advised that tertiary entrance requirements and ATAR calculations will be modified accordingly.

  • For the calculation of a student’s ATAR, satisfactory completion of both Units 3 and 4 of an approved sequence in the English group is required.
  • Any of the approved Units 3 and 4 sequence within the English Group will be counted in the ENTER but no more than two will be permitted in the primary four.
  • The current policy of not allowing more than one of English and English (ESL) will continue. Students who satisfactorily complete more than four units from the group of English studies may count the additional units towards gaining their VCE.

The English teachers strive to ensure that, within VCAA guidelines, the English courses are challenging yet relevant to the students’ intellectual, creative and vocational interests. In many cases students are able to link their English work with work in other studies e.g. VET programs. Able students are encouraged to participate in debating, public speaking and writing events. Several students have succeeded in having their work published in daily newspapers and other publications.