Domain Learning Areas

Years 7 and 8 – A Solid Foundation

Our Year 7s and 8s build a solid foundation for future success through a structured program to develop core skills and study habits. There is an explicit emphasis on English and Maths across the curriculum, and technology is integrated into our teaching, with students from Years 7-9 using iPads and computers to enhance their learning.

Junior School students enjoy a broad-based program which covers all key learning areas and are provided with enrichment, extension and support opportunities. Good study habits, regular homework and pride in achievement are encouraged, expected and rewarded. Some students undertake extra extension in the form of the Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) program or via participation in our Sports, Science, Dance and  Leadership Academies.

Years 9 and 10 – Fostering Independence

The Year 9 program at Sandringham College recognises the changing needs of young adolescents and supports them to develop independence and self-awareness. An in-depth core curriculum is supported by a range of electives designed to challenge and engage.  Our Year 9s are encouraged to explore their impact on the world through the prism of ‘community, care and challenge’.

Year 10 is the beginning of our students’ Senior journey and an important introduction to their VCE studies. The Year 10 program is a rigorous blend of core subjects and electives, with students supported to develop their individual pathways. All year 10 students have access to VCE and VET studies, with over 90% undertaking at least one VCE sequence. The emphasis is on building the creative and analytical thinking, resilience and independent study habits which students require for success in the VCE. Our Year 10s undertake an extensive, structured transition program to prepare them for the years ahead, including course and careers counselling, work experience and regular participation in Year 11 and 12 events.

Years 11 and 12 – Pathways to Success

Students are supported in their learning by a teaching philosophy that places the learning at the centre. At the Holloway Road Campus, students are offered breadth and depth of subject selection. A flexible timetable ensures that learning pathways are structured to enable students to choose their preferred course.

Students are also supported by a strong Student Management system that focuses on student wellbeing, academic performance and, not only the transition from junior to senior school, but also into the years beyond. Furthermore, students are supported and stimulated by excellent and dedicated teachers who understand the demands of senior education and foster the academic progress of their students.

Students access a diverse range of Year 11 & 12 studies at the Holloway Road Campus. It provides a study-focused, university style environment in which students are supported to achieve to their personal best.

Senior students receive extensive course and career counselling together with rigorous academic support that ensures that individual strengths are valued and celebrated. Staff/student relationships are strongly based on mutual respect and cooperation as they work towards a common goal of achievement. The vast majority of Sandringham College students gain entry into the University or TAFE institution of their choice.