Book Lists for 2019

Sandringham College has chosen OfficeMax to be our 2019 Booklist supplier. In 2018 it was decided to move forward to EBook and Text bundles which offer more flexibility and interactivity in our Teaching and Learning. Our Curriculum Team put a lot of effort comparing different product packages available and selected Officemax – we believe its on-line collaborative portal option and a school incentive program will really benefit our students. Each year level’s booklist with instructions have been posted on Compass and below is some additional information:

  1. For current Yr 8-11 students – Please DO NOT place order before confirming your 2019 subjects
    – Year 8 and 9 students’ elective subjects will be confirmed soon.
  2. Free delivery – order by 9th December 2018
    Booklists need to be ordered online via Officemax portal and are delivered to the address of your choice. There is no delivery charge if you submit the order by 2nd December and we encourage parents to take advantage of this service. You can still place orders after this date – with details of the timelines and delivery charges listed on the booklist form.
  3. ZipPay – Booklist Payment Plan
    Officemax offers ZipPay which allows families to purchase their requirements and pay later. Please check Compass for further information and instructions.
  4. School Support
    – We have a laptop at each campus office for parents who may need online access.
    – We understand that families may experience financial difficulties and Sandringham College may provide various wellbeing support options. Please contact your child’s Student/Program Manager or our Wellbeing Team as early as possible should you wish to discuss any support arrangement.

Please check Compass for the booklist and instruction information. If you have a problem accessing Compass please contact the office immediately as Compass is our primary tool for communication. Please feel free to contact the office should you have any queries @ 8599 0500.

ONLINE ORDERING. Please use this link   and the Sandringham College school code of 4UR4V to order 2019 text books and stationary. Orders before December 9 will be delivered FREE.

Please follow links to access 2019 book lists:

Year 7 OfficeMax Booklist

Year 8 OfficeMax Booklist

Year 9 OfficeMax Booklist

Year 10 OfficeMax Booklist

VCE OfficeMax Booklist