Year 9 Program


Year 9 Program – Engaging in the world

Year 9s at Sandringham College experience a rich, varied and rigorous curriculum which integrates academic pursuits with real-world experiences. At Year 9 we develop students’ independence in a supportive environment, teaching self-management, leadership of self and others and challenging them to develop greater depth and analysis in their approach to their studies.

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All Year 9s undertake core studies in English, Maths, History & Geography, Science, Languages, Health & Physical Education. They also choose from a range of elective subjects including Science Academy, Sports Academy, Art, Photography, Food Technology, Media, Literature, Textiles, Woodwork and ICT.


In 2015, the Science department and labs moved into the new Discovery Centre. The old Science wing has been redeveloped into an Arts and Horizons Centre. This is a dedicated space where Year 9 students can enjoy a more relaxed environment for their Horizons curriculum.

All Year 9 students participate in the Horizons program. Horizons uses an integrated, inquiry based and experiential approach to learning. The Horizons teacher team works closely together with small groups of students to develop their critical thinking, independent and interdependent work habits. As part of their studies, students undertake an extended investigation on a topic of their choice, developing skills in primary and secondary research, communication and synthesis of ideas. Leadership skills are also explicitly developed throughout Horizons.

Sandringham College Year 9s explore the world around them through the central theme of this year long program:

  • Community
  • Care
  • Challenge

Each week, they embark on a range of activities which take them out of their comfort zone, working in small groups to develop their skills and knowledge in real-world contexts. The program adapts for each cohort, taking into account students’ needs and interests.

Through Horizons, our Year 9s have:

  • Explored the issue of homelessness in Melbourne
  • Taught senior citizens to use iPads
  • Volunteered at local childcare centres
  • Hiked along the Great Ocean Walk
  • Produced their own community television show
  • Discovered the rich variety of multicultural Melbourne
  • Learnt about local indigenous culture and history
  • Produced short films to enter in the Bayside Film Festival
  • Gone surfing, wind-sailing, stand-up paddle-boarding and rowing
  • Learnt yoga, meditation and mindfulness strategies

This hands-on learning is reinforced within the Year 9 academic curriculum, as students make links between their schoolwork and the outside world.