Student Absences

Student Absences

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Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend ALL classes.

If unable to attend for a legitimate reason, then it is the student’s responsibility to catch up the work missed and follow the process outlined.

  • All absences should be explained by appropriate documentation.
  • A note from parent/guardian, medical certificate or legal document should be submitted to Student Manager ASAP or within 10 school days.

If a Year 11 & 12 student’s absences exceeds 10 periods (5 doubles) , then they are ineligible to pass the unit unless there are extenuating circumstances that allow for Redemption.


Students who miss a SAC and provide a medical certificate are eligible to sit their SAC for a graded assessment once they have returned to school. This must be done on the following Tuesday afternoon at 3.00pm in the SAC centre. Students who do not provide a medical certificate may only sit the SAC for an ungraded result.