Victorian Solar Car Challenge


Winners of Best Poster

2016 – Victoria Solar Car Championships

On Sunday 16th October, over 30 Year 10 students who choose Chemics as a Year 10 Science Elective took part in the Victorian Solar Car championships. For weeks, students had worked very tirelessly in groups to make their solar car. They used precise science skills to build, test and understand how to use Physics as an advantage to get the most of their car.

On the day, there were over 40 teams that Sandringham competed against. With Wilko and Mr Zetzer sweating, the Sandringham teams kept their cool. They showed great sportsmanship, even helping other teams to make sure their car stayed on the track and also by providing spare parts when other schools needed them.


4th Place Winners

4th Place Winners

The day was very cloudy, at times only 8% sunlight.
The solar panels had a hard job ahead of them. Sandringham College kids kept their spirit up. At the end of the day, the car Solar Rollar which was raced by Dean Kokoras and Tom Newton, came 4th in Victoria. Sandringham also won best poster of the day. This was awarded to Emma Zenou, Anna Roser and Eleanor Savage for their poster for the car Euro Mission. Sandringham was also awarded the best school in the competition. As usual, Sandringham students showed best behaviour and we could not be more proud of each and every student that took part in the races.

Craig Zetzer





solar car awards2015 – Spectacular Results!

For the past nine years Sandringham College has entered the Victorian Solar Kit Car Challenge, with Andrew Wilkinson (Wilko) leading the challenge. Students in Year 10 Chemics (Chemistry and Physics) Elective produce the Solar Kit Cars in Term 3 as part of their elective curriculum. The kits levelled the playing field and made the race about the refinement of the manufacturing and racing cars to meet the varying weather and track conditions.

On Sunday 11th October the annual Victorian Solar Kit Car Challene was held at Scienceworks with contenders from all over Victoria. That day we had all four seasons Victoria loves to gift us with this time of year. Under dense cloud cover we ran a battery only round as the thick clouds slowed the cars to stopping point. During moments of intense sun speeds were so fast, cars were jumping the tracks and being disqualified. Sandringham College weighted and unweighted cars helping to speed-up or slow the cars given the varying conditions.

While last year we were ecstatic to win our only prize, first place, for the first time in 9 years, this year the results leading into the quarter finals were astounding! Sandringham College had six teams out of the final eight in Victoria. Another round down and we were the only school in the competition and all other schools started packing up their tents – we knew we were 1st through 4th place holders, the only school left in the competition! Wilko’s Chemics class had three cars in the competition; Craig Zetzer’s Year 10 Chemics’ class had one.

Sandringham College dominated the awards ceremony, taking out first, second, third and fourth place in Victoria. We also won best poster.

Congratulations to all who entered, thanks to the parents who joined the fun on the day and special thanks to Craig and Wilko for all their hard work.