Student Representative Council – SRC

PAINTED BINS – 7-10 Campus

At the end of Term 2, the SRC spent a day painting the outside bins to brighten the yard and hopefully encourage all students to place their rubbish in an attractive bin.






BREAKFAST CLUB 7 – 10 Campus

Each Wednesday morning between 8-8:25am in the Learning Centre, the SRC are providing a Breakfast Club for all Junior Campus students. Students are given hot chocolate and toast while staying warm inside. All welcome.

Thank you to Waller’s Bakery in Highett for supplying the bread.





As August 1-8th 2016 is the Youth Homeless Week, the SRC are focussing their attention on collecting donations of warm clothing for those people doing it hard on the streets at the moment. A box will be placed at the office for the next week for all donations. If you have any warm clothing or blankets that you have outgrown or no longer love, we would appreciate you bringing it to school and placing them in our box.

LaceItUp-619-386SRC ARE SELLING LACES FOR THE HOMELESS – Father Chris Riley started the program #laceitup
Could students please support youth homelessness and bring $5 for a pair of shoe laces – SRC will bring around at form assembly (put them in your favourite shoes at home – not school shoes!)





Kim Russell, SRC Cordinator, 7-10 Campus