Year 7 Camp

The year 10 peer leaders play an important role, not only during the camp but also as an additional point of contact for the year 7’s at school. During the camp they helped facilitate the group activities and were very entertaining at the talent quest where everyone enjoyed the peer leader activities in the evenings.

It was wonderful to see how much fun the year 7’s had participating in the many challenging activities and the students especially enjoyed hut building, mountain boarding, river rafting and the night walk. A special thank you to the year 10 peer leaders and staff who worked very hard to ensure that the camp was a success.

What our Year 7 students have said about previous camps:

“Camp was an excellent experience for making new friends and having a whole lot of fun!”  Sam

“The best thing about camp was EVERYTHING! All the activities were amazing in their own way, the grounds are well cared for and you make lots of amazing friends.” Shaelea

“I loved being with all my friends at camp and making new ones too. I had 2 girls in my activity group that I didn’t know at all and now I know them so much better. I thought our Year 10 Peer group leader, Kaitlin, was wonderful, she was really lovely. I also enjoyed hanging with my friends in my cabin.” Maddy