World Challenge 2016 – China


Admiring the Koi (fish) at hostel

World Challenge is a program run at Sandringham College every second year with a select number of year 9 and 10 students. It is a program run almost entirely outside of the classroom, and it aims to develop the teamwork and leaderships skills of the students involved, as well as develop their identity as global citizens. Students are encouraged to fundraise the monetary component, which pays their way and contributes to charity works in the country they visit. Sandringham College has previously run trips to Vietnam and Nepal, and this year we are visiting China.

World Challenge 2016 – China 23/10/16 to 23/11/16

World Challenge 2016 is underway! 24 students from years 9 and 10 are enjoying their first days of this amazing experience. They were amused to find their bus transport from the airport had a turtle and a fish bowl. The hostel is described as very red and airy – with lots of Koi!

World Challenge 2016 – Planning

24 students from years 9 and 10 are very excited to begin the process of preparing for the month long expedition to China. The students are making a good start on their fundraising efforts with some interesting and innovative ideas. They have also been planning their itinerary and building up their fitness in preparation for the trek.

Students held a successful cake stall as part of their efforts to fundraise and they have also raised some money through their casual clothes day with a gold coin donation. Thanks to all students and staff for their generosity in supporting the World Challenge team.

World Challenge afterschool meetings will continue throughout Term 3, and the Training Expedition is to be held in early August.

Laura Ritchie, World Challenge Leader – China 2016