Year 12 Outdoor & Environmental Studies Camps

Unit 3 Outdoor & Environmental Studies

Unit 3 focuses on the ecological, historical and social contexts of relationships between humans and the environment. Students explore how Australians have understood and interacted with outdoor environments over time from Indigenous cultural experiences to European settlement. Students investigate the impact of contemporary relationships between humans and the environment; the impact of technology, media, social discourses and commercialisation. Students engage in practical outdoor experiences that enable them to collect information, investigate and analyse human relationships with outdoor environments.


dolphin2Seakayak Camp

The unit 3 O&ES ventured off on their first camp for their studies, exploring the environment of Westernport Bay via a sea-kayaking expedition. The first day was began with soaring temperatures into the 40’s, but we were able to practice a capsize drills and cool off in the ocean. The next days consisted of paddling the bay from Flinders to Balnarring, evening enjoying the sights of a pod of dolphins frolicking in the water around our kayaks. The four days out on the ocean paddling as a class was a wonderful experience had by all.






DSCN0673 (Medium)Wilsons Promontory Camp

During April the Year 12 Outdoor and Environmental students spent four days at the picturesque Wilsons Promontory to hike the Southern Circuit, and to learn about the history and culture of the area.

Over the four days we experienced amazing warm weather, which allowed us to swim in the turquoise waters of Sealers Cove and Little Waterloo Bay. The hike was difficult at times, and some suffered the wrath of blisters, but everyday we could look out over the ocean and realise how beautiful this part of Victoria is.

We loved spending the time out in the environment in our small groups of 12, where we cooked our meals together on Trangias and had a blissful 10 hours sleep each night.

We would like to thank Dan Webster for taking the time away from his family and classes to lead a group on their hike.

Visiting the Penguins!

On April 19th the Outdoor and Environmental Students spent a day with the penguins at Phillip Island. It was fantastic to get a guided tour of the Penguin Parade and learn about the conservation efforts the rangers are completing to help save the penguin populations.

After seeing some penguins in their borrows, we went to Islantis Surf Museum to learn about the technology and how it has changed surfing in Australia.

History of Wonthaggi

The O&ES students had an interesting day at Wonthaggi were we got to experience the old and new Wonthaggi. Our day started with a tour of the State Coal Mine, where we travelled underground and experienced approximately 2kms of the some 4,000km of underground tunnels! We learnt so much about the working history of the mine from the amazing Steve and Frank (who used to work in the mine himself!).