Bayside Council Youth Art Exhibition 2017

Congratulations to our students whose work was included in this annual celebration of the artistic talents of the young people of Bayside.

Organised by the Bayside Council, the work is showcased at the Royal Ave Offices foyer until September 1st.

A fine effort from the following students:

Year 10  –   Indigo Jardin, Kate Roser, Georga Payton

Year 9  –  Jeffrey McGuiness, Georgie Sutton-Cay

Year 8  –  Darma Lewis, Allyssi Galvin, Lauren South, Annie Kromka, Imogen Fennessy,  Jessica He, Ellen McNeil, Jemma Latter, Emma Chubb, Renee Smith, Gemma Newell, Callie McDonough

Yearr 7  –   Chuck Tian

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