Skiing at Sandringham College

IMG_2531Each year students are able to participate in a number of ski trip and competition opportunities. Student of competition level skiing and snowboarding are encouraged to enter the Victorian Interschools Snowsport Championships.
At the 7-10 campus students Year 10 Students are able to choose VCE Outdoor Education and Environment Studies as an elective. Most years (weather and numbers provided) this course runs a 3 day ski camp that will occastonally invite general year 9 & 10 students to make up numbers.
Senior campus holds an open invitation for year 11 & 12 students to join the annual senior ski trip.

Victorian Interschool Snowsport Championships

On August 26th to 28th seven senior students travelled to Mt Buller for the weekend to represent Sandringham College in the Victorian Interschool Snowsport Championships. Graham Skorikov and Cooper Homann participated in Ski-cross and performed brilliantly for their first time racing. Molly Quinlan participated in both snowboard Giant Slalom and snowboard-cross, taking out 6th position in Division 1 girls for snowboard-cross going through to the Nationals.

the-gold-medal-slopestyle-tea-nationals division-1-team-and-managersFinn Sparrow participated in snowboard-cross for his second time, and although he did not make it through to the finals, he bettered his position by 10 places from last year’s competition.

Rory Hall, Ave O’Donnell and Jake plumb participated in three events each; snowboard-cross, snowboard giant Slalom and snowboard-slopestyle (a new event in the line-up for interschool competition). All three boys qualified for the national titles in each of the events in division 1. As a team they also won bronze for snowboard-cross and GOLD for snowboard-slopestyle.

gold-medal-winAustralian Interschool Snowsport Championships

After qualifying in the state championships, Molly Quinlan, Rory Hall, Ave O’Donnell and Jake Plumb travelled to Perisher in NSW to complete in the Australian Interschool Snowsport Championships. They had a hugely successful week in representing themselves and the school at a national level. Rory, Ave, Jake and Molly performed amazingly in their events.

We had some very exciting results with Rory, Ave and Jake placing 9th and 10th in Australia as a team in Snowboard-cross and Snowboard Giant Slalom. Furthermore, the boys placed 13th, 14th, and 15th in Australia in Snowboard-slopestyle, while unofficially as a team came 1st beating all other school teams in Australia (although no team results were awarded for the event).
Molly was not able to finish her event due to difficult racing circumstances.
Well done to our Snowsports team of 2016, and we look forward to a bigger and better 2017.
Bree Burke and Marnie Sparrow.

Year 10 Outdoor and Environmental studies Cross Country ski campimg_1064-medium

As part of the Unit 2 Outdoor and Environmental Studies course a three-day trip to Mt Stirling was set for Monday 22nd August 2016. There was an early start to the day, 5:15am on the Monday.  It took 4 hours to get to Mt Stirling where we were met by a 4wd bus called a Unimog. This brought us up to a point where picked up ski gear and unloaded our packs. We needed to hike through the snow to our accommodation (tents). The students then spent the next few hours in a lesson learning the basics of staying upright on 2 narrow planks. We had 11 first timers to the snow, which was fantastic for them to experience the alpine conditions. They even saw fluffy snow falling in abundance. The next 2 days were blue bird days., sunny but icy in the mornings. By the end of the 3 days students became familiar with skiing and camping in very cold conditions but reports from most were that it was an amazing experience.
Rob Wegner, (OES teacher)

Senior Campus Ski Trip 2016


The inaugural ski trip to Falls Creek was a great success and we were blessed with wonderful weather, stunning crisp snow, excellent accommodation at ‘Lakeside Lodge’ where we were able to ski in and out of the lodge each morning and afternoon.  The hearty meals provided us with energy to carve up the mountains on skis and snow boards.

33 students attended the ski camp and it was an excellent three days of lessons, practice and fun.  It was wonderful to see our students supporting each other in developing snow skills, watching out for each other on the mountain and socially interacting in the evening at the lodge.  We were lucky to experience an evening night show with spectacular fireworks and also to share in celebrating Lauren’s 18th birthday.

Victorian Interschools Snowsport Championships 2015

On the 28th – 30th of August, we had the pleasure of taking a team of students to the Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships at Mount Buller. The Competition, which has been running since 1958 has grown to become one of the premiere School sporting competitions in Victoria, with over 170 Schools and 6,000 students competing annually.

Our students, Rory Hall, Renee Lee, Ave O’Donnell, Jake Plumb, Molly Quinlan and Finn Sparrow competed in the Snowboard cross event. We watched from the sidelines as each of our competitors took their turn down the narrow course which included turns, jumps, rollers, drops, steep and flat sections. Our students handled the course with speed and precision and did exceptionally well considering most had never raced before. All of our students finished the race in 55 seconds or less, an amazing result.  In the boy’s competition, both Ave and Rory made it through to the Victorian boys final and Rory progressed to the Australian final. Molly Quinlan represented our college in the Victorian Girls’ Final and also progressed to the Australian National Ski & Snow Board Championship, which was held last Sunday 13th September.

Rory Hall came 29th in the Board Cross and Molly Quinlan came 17th in the Board Cross. Fantastic results and congratulations to both.
Marnie Sparrow and Rob Wegner

Expression of interest for taking part in the 2016 Championship are now open.

snowcomp Sandy team snowcomp the teamIMG_2522snowcomp finn snowcomp rory 2