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Year 9 Camp 2016

Year 9 Students embarked upon their Challenge Camp late March, 2016flying boomerang (Medium) Group Shot on Log (Medium) Group Shot Paddles and water (Medium) Packs on and readyjpg (Medium) Rock Climbing (Medium) Stuck in Mud jpg (Medium) at the glorious Grampians. There were a range of challenges as part of the camp such as carrying all their belongings in their backpacks, hikes, kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling and camp cooking on trangias. The other challenge that students had was the weather. The first two days were quite hot and then on the second night there was storm.

Their camp had an indigenous focus, which they had been looking at as part of ‘Initiatives’ in their Horizons program. So building upon this knowledge, students took part in the cultural activities at Brambuk cultural centre, which included boomerang throwing, playing the didgeridoo and a film about the creation myths.

Students worked extremely well with each other and the staff on the camp. They demonstrated excellent skills and abilities during each of the activities. They were compassionate and encouraging of each other, they all showed excellent resilience.

Nadine Clarke, Year 9 Coordinator