Welcome to Sandringham College

A wonderful school that is dedicated to the success of every child.

Sandringham College is a three campus Year 7-12 College located in the south eastern Bayside suburbs of Melbourne. In 2014 1250 students, including 55 international students, are enjoying and benefiting from the rich and engaging curriculum and experiences that the College is renowned for.

Established in 1988, the College combines the achievements of its four founding schools to provide a unique learning environment that truly values and celebrates diversity and endeavours to ensure that all students feel valued and achieve excellence. The College purpose and values are reflected in its multi-campus structure, which provides learning environments to suit the changing needs of students in the middle and later years of schooling.

Sandringham College provides an environment in which diversity, depth and quality of curriculum enables our students to become resourceful independent learners. We value Achievement, Creativity, Independence, Integrity and Respect.

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